Jamie's Story


 In  1999, Jamie had a mole removed from her back.  Although the diagnosis  indicated melanoma, her dermatologist informed her that the margins were  clean and Jamie was in good shape.  She continued her exams every 4  months to keep herself cancer-free.

In October of 2002, Jamie had a persistent headache.  After days of relentless pain, Jamie  endured  an MRI.  She was hospitalized with the results of a brain tumor the  size of a plum.  After a long and tedious brain surgery the family was  told that the tumor was malignant melanoma.  Jamie went through rigorous  treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, as well as many more  surgeries.  Despite all of these measures, the cancer continued to  spread swiftly.  Nothing seemed to work.  


 The  March prior to Jamie's death a fundraiser was held on her behalf.  With  an outrageous turnout of 450 people, the family was able to raise  $30,000.00 to help Jamie and her family until her untimely death.  There  was even enough to continue to help daughter after her death. 

 With  this fundraiser, the Jamie Rabinowitch-Davis Foundation for Melanoma  Research was born.  Jamie lost her 8½ month battle with melanoma on July  14th, 2003. 


 Founder and President
Renee Rabinowitch-Hatheway 

 JRD was founded by Jamie's sister Renee Hatheway 

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